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Coated Zinc Oxide
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Product Detail

Granular Zinc Oxide

Coated Zinc Oxide

White powder, odourless, stable under normal temperature. Insoluble in water and alcohol, soluble in acid, alkaki and amkonium solution.

Zinc Oxide Grades :
Indirect process Zinc Oxide, Direct Process Zinc Oxide, Calcined Zinc Oxide, Feed Grade Zinc Oxide, Pharmaceutic Zinc Oxide, nanometer Zinc Oxide, etc.

2.Specification of Zinc Oxide:

Feed grade Zinc Oxide

Zn64% Min72% Min76.3% Min78.7% Min79.4% Min
ZnO80% Min90% Min95% Min98% Min99% Min
Pb % ≤0.010.0050.0050.0050.005
Cd % ≤0.0050.0030.0030.0030.001
As % ≤0.0050.0030.0030.0030.001
Cu % ≤
H2O % ≤
Loss on Ignition % ≤
Water Soluble Substance % ≤
Muriatic Acid Insoluble Substance % ≤
Bulk Density2g/cm32g/cm32g/cm32g/cm32g/cm3

3.Application of Zinc Oxide:

As zinc additive for animal feed.


In polyethylene film bag with outer polypropylene woven bag, 25kg, 50kg, big sack bag or as required by the customer


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